Where Can I Throw Electronics in Singapore? From Old Laptops, Digital Gadgets & E-waste to Dispose and Places to Recycle Your Old Electronic Devices

Did you know that each year in Singapore, an estimated 70,000 tonnes of electronic waste are generated? The following types of e-wastes includes obsolete TVs, computer hardware, laptops and other electronic gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. According to recent data from the National Environment Agency (NEA), approximately 1kg of e-waste is generated per person each year. With the ever-increasing use of technology and gadgets, it is essential to ensure proper disposal of these items to reduce our environmental impact.

pile of thrown electronics in Singapore from IT equipment printers to fans and appliances


Did you know that when you don’t throw away old electronics properly, you’re actually harming the environment? Electronic waste (e-waste) contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium; when these materials aren’t disposed of in a safe manner, they can leach into soil, water and air and contaminate them. That’s why it’s important to recycle your e-waste and throw away electronics responsibly – even if it seems like a hassle! In this blog post, we’ll provide a simple guide on how to responsibly throw away electronics in Singapore?

What is E-waste in Singapore?

E-waste is any discarded electrical or electronic device, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, monitors, TVs, light bulbs, printers and ICT equipment. Unlike traditional waste that is sent to landfills, you should properly recycle your e-waste to avoid contamination of the environment due to the hazardous materials they contain. E-waste collection bins have set up around Singapore at various locations throughout the island for proper collection and treatment of e-waste.

Source: NEA

What Electronics Can you throw away?

In Singapore, electronics such as cell phones, computers, monitors and televisions can all be recycled. It is important to ensure that these electrical and electronic items are properly disposed of, as they may contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium which can have a damaging environmental impact if not handled safely. In addition to these items, any other electronic equipment powered with a cord or battery that is no longer usable should be recycled instead of discarded in the trash. It’s important to ensure these items are disposed of properly in order to help reduce the environmental impact from hazardous materials they may contain. Regulated e-waste such as ICT equipment, portable batteries, bulbs and lamps are not accepted and shall be disposed in e-bins and collection avenues provided by ALBA only.

Where to throw away your Electronic Waste?

E-wastes can be disposed of at community recycling centres, which are located across the city. These sites accept items such as cell phones, computers, monitors and televisions, as well as other devices with a cord or battery. Fluorescent lamps and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) contain trace amounts of mercury, therefore they should not be placed in blue recycling bins. Instead, they can be recycled the same way as electronic waste at designated locations to ensure safe disposal of hazardous materials. For the sake of the environment, try not to throw them away in the trash.

Following kinds of unregulated e-waste electronic products such as aircon, fan, microwave, oven, food processor, rice cooker, blender, vacuum cleaner, digital watches, coffee machine, hairdryer, Hi-Fi speakers, VCDs, DVDs, CD Players, radios, cameras, gaming consoles, diffusers, air purifier, electric toothbrush, massage chairs, members of the public are advised to bring to a Cash for Trash (CFT) station or visit Sungei Road Green Hub at Kelantan Road or Market Gaia Guni at Woodlands to sell or barter for more cash or useful items.

Old electronic Camera being sold a flea market before getting thrown away in Singapore

E-waste is a growing problem across Singapore and it is important to find the right e-waste management system. Alba E-Waste is one of the top e-waste recyclers in Singapore and provides a network of e-bins located across Singapore so you can easily drop off your e-waste for recycling. They offer pickup services from anywhere in Singapore, or alternatively you can drop off your e-waste at any of their bins located conveniently throughout the country. Once collected, all e-waste is sent to their facilities where they recycle and process it into valuable resources that can be reused in various industries. The ALBA Group also organizes several collection events and offers doorstep collection services for those who are unable to bring their e-waste to a bin.

Where to find E-waste bins

E-waste recycling bins are now available all over Singapore, thanks to Alba. These e-waste bins can be found at various collection centres, shopping malls or even by doorstep collection services. This makes it easy for anyone to throw away their old ICT (Information and Communications Technology) equipment, such as printers, laptops, mobile phones, light bulbs, etc., responsibly. With the Step Up App you can find out exactly where to locate the nearest e-bins and collection avenues in Singapore – just type in your address and you’ll get a list of all the locations nearby. The e-waste collected by alba is then recycled and turned into resources that can be used again. So don’t forget to look out for those e-waste bins and simply drop off your e-waste old electronic items! Keep in mind that electronic devices must be able to fit into the recycling points. Bulky e-waste that do not fit into bin’s openings are not to be placed outside the bin.

Support Singapore’s E-waste Recycling Programme: Where To Recycle Old Batteries and Small Electronics

Supporting Singapore’s E-waste Recycling Programme is an important step in reducing our environmental footprint. Batteries and electronics can be recycled through community or public e-waste collection programmes or events, as well as authorised recycling companies. These programmes often accept items such as computers, televisions, batteries and other small electronic appliances for collection and recycling. By taking the initiative to properly dispose of these items, we are contributing to a healthier environment for all. Singapore is committed to reducing the amount of e-waste produced in the country and frequently holds quarterly collection drives and collection services have been organised to facilitate better e-waste management. Citizens are encouraged to participate in these drives and make use of National Environment Agency’s recycling bins as part of their scheme for e-waste towards a cleaner environment. With these initiatives, Singaporeans can help reduce the amount of e-waste produced in our country, thus supporting Singapore’s E-waste Recycling Programme.

Dealing with too much E-waste

Singapore is facing an ever-increasing problem with electronic waste is becoming an increasingly pressing environmental issue. It is important to be mindful of the amount of e-waste that is being created and take steps to reduce our individual contribution. This can include limiting the purchase of new electronics, buying second-hand when possible, and responsibly disposing or recycling old electronics. Additionally, manufacturers should be held accountable for ensuring that their products are designed with the environment in mind & encouraged to participate in the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme for e-waste. To tackle this problem, the Singapore government has implemented a series of measures to reduce e-waste and encourage responsible disposal. These include providing free collection and recycling services for certain types of e-waste, instituting a deposit refund system for large appliances, and introducing a ban on exporting certain categories of e-waste. The government also works with various organisations to promote eco-friendly practices such as energy efficiency and repairing or reusing electronics instead of throwing them away. These efforts have gone some way towards reducing the amount of e-waste generated in Singapore but more needs to be done if we are to effectively address this growing issue.

IT Equipment Disposals by Zebedee Solution

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