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IT Equipment Disposals

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IT Equipment Disposals

Our IT equipment disposal services offer a complete, risk-free solution that addresses every step of the procedure for e waste disposal in Singapore from data destruction to its safe collection. We also provide e waste recycling to clients who need such services. Some electronics we handle and recycle includes desktops, monitors and printers.

This makes it possible for our customers to securely and environmentally friendly dispose of their old, unwanted, or redundant IT equipment and recycle electronic waste properly. With all the electronics we handle, our disposal of electronic waste services strictly adhere to ethical disposal practises.

IT Support/ Maintenance

IT support and maintenance are crucial to ensure that your hardware and software systems are operating well, which will increase productivity while reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

You can free up important resources with managed IT services from Zebedee so you can concentrate on growing your company. You can get top-notch IT assistance and maintenance at a low cost by outsourcing IT to our skilled teams. We can handle a range of IT needs, such as creating and maintaining infrastructure, putting in place thorough security measures, assisting with data management, and many more.

IT Support/ Maintenance

Regular maintenance of IT systems is pertinent for a smooth system, and it reduces the risks of it breaking down. Zebedee is committed to offering a seamless IT support and maintenance service, allowing our client’s IT system to be up and running without any delay.

Let our IT veterans take care of your technical and complex hardware problems, while you and your staff can focus on their core responsibilities. We offer onsite IT support and maintenance service to troubleshoot the problem and prevent any recurrence.

Cyber Security Protection

As our digitalized economy becomes increasingly digitalised, it is important for businesses here to develop their cyber security defences. This is especially important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are generally more susceptible to attacks due to their lack of resources and expertise, as well as having a false sense of security that they are not worthwhile as a target.

Zebedee provides cyber security protection services in Singapore that help our customers to minimize the threats of cyberattacks through in-depth security assessments, enhancement and transformation services including penetration testing, training, response and recovery. Fortinet Network Firewall, Kaspersky and Mcafee antivirus protection are a few of our available services.


The use of software is crucial for automating organisational chores and reporting on any delays or progress in those processes. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations. Software also streamlines processes and lessens workload. Additionally, it helps to eliminate human mistake, which enhances efficacy and consistency. Zebedee provides a solution that has created a user-friendly software to simplify the operation process.


Logistic operations are consistently facing the challenges of having an inefficient system that reduces work efficiency and coordination throughout the organization. Zebedee provides a solution that has created a user-friendly software to simplify the operation process.

Create a systematic solution to keep track of all your distribution operation levels. Our logistic software provides quick coordination between the organization to your customers. Allowing the software to streamline the whole process, enhancing the efficiency and productivity to your day-to-day operations.



What Types of Services Zebedee Provides?

Zebedee Solution provides one-stop IT and Computer Science software solutions. We offer a comprehensive list of IT services and products that best suit their client's environment and needs.

Below, here are the services we provide:

    1. IT Equipment Disposal/E-Waste Disposals
    2. IT Support/Maintenace
    3. Cyber Security Protections
    4. Software
What Are The Benefit of Using Zebedee Services?

We have spent a numerous amount of time training our team of specialists to provide the best service to our clients We are one of the leading IT and Computer Science software solutions providers in the market. At Zebedee, our goal is to provide the best service to our customers, ensuring that they are satisfied with our tailored made solutions.

I Am Interested In Zebedee's Services, What Is The Next Step?

Once you have decided which service you are looking for, you can contact us via phone call, email, or fill up all of your details on our contact us page. Our team of IT specialists will sort out the rest.

What Types of Payment Does Zebedee Accepts?

We accept the following payment options: Paynow (only accepted upon approval). Paynow can be transferred to our account at ZEBEDEE SOLUTION PTE LTD.

When Will I Recieve Zebedee Service After I Had Placed My Order?

Depending on the size of the project, our team of specialists will contact you and provide you with a timeline to suit your needs.