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Cyber Security Protection

As our digitalized economy becomes increasingly digitalised, it is important for businesses here to develop their cyber security defences. This is especially important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are generally more susceptible to attacks due to their lack of resources and expertise, as well as having a false sense of security that they are not worthwhile as a target.

Zebedee provides cyber security protection services in Singapore that help our customers to minimize the threats of cyberattacks through in-depth security assessments, enhancement and transformation services including penetration testing, training, response and recovery. Fortinet Network Firewall, Kaspersky and Mcafee antivirus protection are a few of our available services.



Why Do I Need Cyber Security Protection And Why Is it Important?

Individuals and organizations need to have Cyber Security Protection because it helps prevent cyber attacks. Cyber security helps prevent data breaches, identity theft, and many types of cybercrime. Individuals and organisations must have strong cybersecurity measures to protect their customers and data.

What Are The Main Benefits of implementing Cyber Security Protection?

By investing in cyber security solutions, individuals and organisations can protect themselves against a wide range of cyber security attacks and threats. Cyber security solutions can protect your personal and customer data, improve productivity, assist in remote working, regulation compliance, improve data management, and many more.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Have Cyber Security Protection?

Without cyber security protections, your IT ecosystem is under threat from hackers and viruses. This will often lead to data breaches, identify theft, and financial losses.

How Can I Protect My Computer From Cyber Attacks?

There are many methods to protect your computer and devices from cyber attacks. Here are some examples:

    1. Keep your software up to date
    2. Install a firewall
    3. Use multi-factor authentication(2FA)
    4. Back up your data regularly
    5. Ensure endpoint protection
    6. Train your staff
    7. Use secure wifi
    8. Regularly change and create strong passwords
Why Should I Choose Zebedee?

At Zebedee, our mission is to bring our service quality to the next level by ensuring our client’s satisfaction with our tailored and proven solutions. Zebedee provides one-stop IT solutions, from IT equipment disposals to cyber security protection and software solutions. Our goal is to be the one-stop solution to all our customer’s IT needs.